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Senior Reflection: Women's Volleyball's Kristin Carosotto

Senior Reflection: Women's Volleyball's Kristin Carosotto

I have said this many times before and it may have lost some of its sentiment, but these last four years of Babson volleyball have been the best four years of my life. From meeting lifelong friends to finding my family away from home, this experience has been full of memories and lessons I will never forget. When applying to schools, playing volleyball in college was a goal among many others, but not a deal breaker. Once I found Babson, met the team, and talked to Coach Neely, I knew Babson was where I was going to call home. I want to use this senior reflection to not only look back at my last four years but thank all those who have made it so great.

I first want to say thank you to the 30 women I played with over the last four years. We have experienced both success and failure along the way, but these experiences have only made us closer. Being on this team means more than just playing volleyball; it means being there for other people, laughing and crying, learning the easy and hard lessons, and most importantly being part of something bigger than yourself. This team has taught me that the strongest relationships are made through enduring hardships.

From the small challenges and disappointment like exhausting practices and heartbreaking losses to the devastating loss of a teammate, I have created a bond with this team and school that is hard to put into words. Through enduring the highest highs and lowest lows, I know this family and community we have created is one that will endure even after my time at Babson. I cannot thank these women enough for shaping me into the person I am today and for always knowing how to put a smile on my face. Volleyball has always been a way for me to escape stressors of college, it is where I am most happy, and having a team as great as mine has only made this experience more meaningful.

But at the helm of every great ship is an even better captain. Although we may be the ones playing the game, we would have never achieved half of our accomplishments without the direction of our fearless leader, Coach Neely. I cannot find the words to express how much time and effort coach puts into this team and how much we appreciate him. His confidence in us has brought us to achieve things we never thought were possible. Our whole coaching staff has taught me how to be a better person, a better student, and a better player. Through the many hours of leadership training, practices, difficult conversations, and talking volleyball, I have gained such a respect for Coach Neely, Coach Helmas, and the rest of the coaching staff. Without all of you, this team would not be as great as it is.

And lastly, to Babson Athletics, I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to play the sport I love with the people I love. Babson Athletics has changed so much over my last four years, but this program has never forgotten its purpose of providing some of the best athletes with a home away from home and a second family that always supports and challenges you.

To any current or future Babson athletes reading this, take a second, look around, reflect at the opportunities that you have had and will have, thank your teammates and coaches more often, cheer louder, treat every second on that court, field, or rink like it's your last, because your next season is going to go by even faster than your last and before you know it you will be writing your own senior reflection. You never know how good something is until it is over. Being a Babson volleyball player has been ones of the greatest privileges of my life and I will never forget all of the people who have made this experience so amazing, so thank you to all those who have helped me become the person and player I am. You are greatly appreciated.