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2016 NCAA Tournament Final Four | 5 NCAA Tournaments | 2 Conference Championships

Senior Reflection: Field Hockey's Lauren Drakeley

Senior Reflection: Field Hockey's Lauren Drakeley

Growing up, my parents instilled two characteristics into my siblings and me: to work hard and to be kind. I always valued these two traits above any others, but it was not until coming to Babson that I realized the value in trust. Whether it is trust in your teammates, trust in your coach, or trust in the process, Babson field hockey taught me how valuable it is to have trust in someone and to be trusted.

The first day of preseason Julie said to us, I recruit best friends. While I was hesitant at first, I trusted her statement and am lucky enough to say that she was correct. Coming into Babson my first year, I was extremely nervous about living away from home and beginning my college career. However, after the first day of preseason I was confident that I had found my family away from home. As with most families, we had our ups and downs, but I learned so many important lessons for which I am extremely thankful.

My sophomore season, we had an incredible senior class of leaders who led us to a NEWMAC Tournament championship and an appearance in the NCAA Final Four. While the memory of the NEWMAC Tournament win will always put a smile on my face, it is the work ethic and dynamic of our team that I will remember most. As a collective group, those seniors were able to persuade the whole team to work hard together.

On the field, if I made a mistake or the wrong decision, I knew without a doubt that I had ten other girls ready to do anything to help me fix it. It was the trust in every single one of my teammates that made me want to work that much harder. One of our captains, Kelsi would always tell us to get on the train. We all bought into this phrase and knew that if we all played as a unit and had trust in the girls around us that we would be unstoppable. The moment I heard this simple phrase, I knew everyone was on the same page and all understood the unbreakable trust we shared with one another.

One lesson that I learned early on in my career and that has stuck with me ever since is that when I am on the field I must work hard for myself, but also that I must work much harder for the girl playing next to me. My favorite part about playing in games or even practice is seeing how hard everyone works. I knew that if I accidently gave a bumpy pass to Ashley, she would work even harder to make the ball work instead of letting it be intercepted or getting mad. Although, my ball was by no means perfect, Ashley still had trust in me and I trusted her to help me. These moments are why I play sports. I know that the girl playing in front of me, behind me, and to either side of me has my back, and I have hers. This unbreakable trust that we developed drove me to work hard every day.

Babson field hockey is so special, and I am so incredibly lucky to have won and lost with this team. While I will never wear the Babson green jersey again, I am so fortunate to have had the support and trust of my teammates, coaches, family and friends!