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Team Blog: Swimming & Diving Trains in Florida

Team Blog: Swimming & Diving Trains in Florida

January 4

After a cancelled flight to Boston due to the snow storm, the swim team was able to stay another day in St. Petersburg. We started off our morning with a 10 am practice doing station training. One station was working on bands, another station was a swim set, and the last one consisted of a kicking set. During our practice we had some fun competing in grudge matches!We finished off with our practice with some dryland outside. After a good practice, some swimmers decided to go eat at Chipotle while some other swimmers decided to eat at a local burger place called Engine No. 9. Since we only had one practice today, some swimmers decided to go see the latest Star Wars movie, go shopping, or stay in and pack for our flight tomorrow. Let's hope we can get back to Boston tomorrow night!

Nataliya Gowan '21

January 3

For one of our last days in Florida we were competing in the St. Petersburg Classic Relay Meet, against a few other teams here on training trips.

The events consisted of the usual relays mixed with unorthodox ones. There was a "crescendo relay" that consisted of a 50, 100, 150 and 200. There were also 3 x 100 stroke relays. Having weather play a factor was also a challenge we weren't used to. It was very cold and rainy; To avoid getting cold waiting for their leg, swimmers were staying in the warmup lanes until the 50 before their leg. Regardless, the team persevered through the meet and rested in the afternoon.

After some down time where everyone was able to get warm and dry, we headed back to NSAC where it was now sunny. We crushed a fun racing set, and got out 30 minutes early. We are all excited to get back to Babson soon and put all this training to work in a stretch of dual meets.

Louis NeJame '20

January 2

It has been a good start to 2018 so far for Babson Swimming & Diving! After only one practice on New Year's Day, we got back into the doubles grind today. Considering the cold front that has moved into Florida, we ran from the locker room this morning to immediately jump into the steaming pool.

After a challenging morning practice, we completed our third lift of the week, thanks to our Strength & Conditioning Coach Joel St. Cyr. Much of the team, along with coaches Kristy and Brian, thereafter went to lunch at Bodega, a restaurant on one of St. Petersburg's main streets offering Cuban style sandwiches.

The team had its second practice of the day in the afternoon, this time long-course meters, after which we celebrated a team tradition of Class Dinners, when each class year cohort goes to a different restaurant for some bonding time. We only have one more day of doubles, and then fly back to Babson for some swim meets!

Adam Kershner '19

January 1

Happy New Year! To start off the new year, our morning practice at NSAC consisted of 10 x 500s choice of gear. Coach Kristy then graced us with the rest of the day off where the team split off and went on mini excursions. A group of swimmers headed to the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art, some went to watch All the Money in the World, and a group headed to Sunrise Bowling Lanes to continue the competitive drive. What a great New Years spent with our swim family!

Celine Nie '21

December 30

Halfway through day 4, and spirits are still high with the sun breaking through the clouds for a bit of warm weather. A tough morning for the swimmers, beginning the day off with the Aussie test set. With a plethora of support, allthe swimmers push through showing improvements since the last time we did this set. After a tough, yet fun, practice, the team headed to the gym for a lift to end the morning practices. With the sun shinning, the team enjoyed their afternoon off till practice again in fhe afternoon. After a bit of recovery, we headed back to the pool for the second swim of the day. We got in the pool and had a fun doing circuit work. After a good practice, we headed straight to senior captian Alex Grant's house for a team dinner, great way to end the day's work.

Lachlan Dibbayawan '21

December 29

Rise and shine! We got to sleep in until a "late" 9:15 AM departure time to swim at Fuller and splitting into distance and stroke groups. Consensus? Difficult, rewarding, and we are definitely going to feel it later this week. Immediately following we split off; some watched movies, cooked food, and some wandered downtown. Most people took naps. At 8:30 PM we swam back at NSAC, long course, and did a recovery practice. I don't think I've ever seen my teammates so competitive as with each other. We did push kick-offs and split into four teams to do relays. With campetitive spirit high, we went to bed ready for our next 8 AM.

Signing off,

Celine Nie '21

December 28

Hello from St. Petersburg, Florida: Home of the Tampa Bay Rays and now the Babson Beavers (temporarily)! We had our first short course practice bright and early at 8 AM at the North Shore Aquatic Center. First morning training started with high morale and ended with equally high soreness. After a quick change we headed over to Shoreridge High School for our lift provided by Coach St. Cyr. A group of swimmers went to Spa Beach during our break and although Florida is known as the Sunshine State, the sun was definitely hiding from us. Fast forward to 6:30 PM and we were right back in the pool again, swimming long course, focusing on kick and drill. Over 15000 yards in the first 24 hour in Florida, mission accomplished. Overall first day and great energy headed into the rest of the week!

Signing off,

Celine Nie '21