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Senior Reflection: Women's Lacrosse's Lexi Lenaghan

Senior Reflection: Women's Lacrosse's Lexi Lenaghan

When transferring into Babson my junior year, I was looking at the school for obvious reasons; the academics and the outstanding network that came with a degree from here. What I did not realize was the immense sense of community and shared interest in competition that came with being a student-athlete here.

I was impressed with the support that came from what seemed like all areas; my own teammates, coaching staff, athletics department heads and especially other athletics teams. There is nothing like cheering on your fellow student-athletes and feeling the personal success from them, then carrying that feeling onto your own season and knowing those same people will be there supporting you.

At a young age, I found sports as my passion. My parents pushed me to try every sport including hockey, basketball, field hockey, and volleyball, but lacrosse stood out for me. When I chose that as the sport to pursue, my parents gave me all the tools to succeed.

As I transitioned from Division 1 athletics to Division 3, I became a strong advocate for the atmosphere that surrounded me. There was a sense of intimacy that came with being on a small campus with stellar athletics and an understanding and emphasis on academic excellence. I was not here for as long as most, but I cherish the guidance I received, the relationships I have, and the memories I made.