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Senior Reflection: Men's Golf's Riley Whitham

Senior Reflection: Men's Golf's Riley Whitham

The past four years have been some of the most memorable and exciting years of my life. After focusing most of my athletic time and effort on hockey in high school, I decided that I was going to attend the best business school I could get into. This meant giving up my hockey career, and I initially thought my athletic career might be over.

Although I played golf in high school, I had not really considered pursuing the sport at a collegiate level. The summer before heading to Babson, I decided to work hard at my golf game in hopes of walking on the Babson golf team. I spent almost every day that summer at my home course in Bolton, hitting balls on the range and improving my short game.

When I made the golf team as a freshman, I was ecstatic. My life had always revolved around sports and I was grateful for the opportunity to continue one of my passions. Three of my greatest takeaways from Babson golf include:

1. Friendships – Through traveling and the countless hours spent together, golf has allowed me to develop some of the strongest relationships I have. I will always remember the dozens of team dinners, hotel logistics and plane rides with the team. In the end, the golf team and coaches have become a second family to me.

2. Improvement – When I joined the team as a freshman, the Babson golf team was not on the map nationally; however, each year the team has gotten stronger. My freshman year, I was the #1 guy on the team and by my senior year I found myself in the #4 spot. I can proudly say that this was not due to a deteriorating golf game, but rather the development of a nationally recognized program. Each year the program has added more and more talent, and we have gotten to the point where our #5 player is almost as strong as our #1. This depth is rare and has allowed us to earn a top-25 ranking in the country this past season.

3. Pressure – Golf is a special sport because every shot matters. This creates a high-pressure environment for the team. Each player knows the rest of the team is depending on him, making it crucial to avoid mental mistakes on the course. Being exposed to such a high-pressure sport has positively impacted me in other areas of my life such as test taking and presenting.

I will be forever grateful for the past four years on the Babson golf team. Over these years, I have developed as an individual and watched my teammates grow beside me. I look forward to tracking the team as they continue to trend upwards and gain the respect of the college golf community.