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Senior Reflection: Baseball's Connor Gill

Senior Reflection: Baseball's Connor Gill

All that was asked was to give everything you had. Every ounce of energy, focus and hustle to become better every day. The discipline exerted by every Babson baseball player made them not just a better player, but a better teammate and a better person.

In four years at Babson, we were successful in getting better each year. From 24 wins my freshman year and a NEWMAC finals loss to 39 wins my senior year and an NCAA super regional championship, we practiced what we preached. But those goals were not achieved overnight. It was the everyday grind of focusing on the little things, the mundane aspects of the game other teams overlooked and we obsessed over. It was the focus we put toward being mentally tough and winning not based on talent, but preparation, determination and grit.

The things Babson baseball teaches you are not just tools for succeeding in athletics, but in life. The intangibles I learned playing Babson baseball did not stop when the last out was played in my last game, they carry with me. I am a Beaver for life and will forever cherish those memories the Green and White have given me. But beyond the memories, the mental fortitude and challenges that were overcome gave me confidence moving forward in my life beyond athletics.

The triumphs we celebrated and the hardships we endured are not just a testament of us as Babson student-athletes, but as the type of people that Babson molds. Teamwork, humility and a competitive spirit is something all Babson student-athletes share and is what helps make us entrepreneurial leaders beyond the playing field.

From being lucky to make the NEWMAC finals to reaching the World Series for the first time in Babson's program history, Babson has prepared me to be a champion in all facets of life. I will always be proud to be a Babson Beaver.