Athletics Paperwork for Varsity Student-Athletes

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All paperwork must be submitted by July 15. Please see the following checklist for reference to documents in which you'll need to complete.

Form How to Submit Note
Personal Information Form Online Must be filled out first
Under 18 Athletics Consent Form Upload to Babson Online Student Health (OSH) Portal Only required if you are under 18 at the time of completing these forms
NCAA Student-Athlete Statement Online  
NCAA Drug Testing Consent Form Online  
Hazing Policy Acknowledgement Online  
Athletic Consent Form Online via Babson's Student Health Portal  

Medical History Form

Online via Babson's Student Health Portal  


Contact Sheet

Babson Excess Sports Insurance

Consent For Parents

Online via Babson's Student Health (OSH) Portal  
Pre-Participation Physical Upload to Babson Online Student Health (OSH) Portal  
Copy of Health Insurance Card Upload to Babson Online Student Health (OSH) Portal Front and back of card required
Sickle Cell Testing/Waiver Upload to Babson Online Student Health (OSH) Portal  
ADHD/ADD Medication Mail (no faxes or scanned copies accepted) If applicable - see address below

All NCAA and Medical paperwork must be submitted by July 15. Please see the following checklist for reference to documents in which you'll need to complete.

NCAA Paperwork

The NCAA paperwork will be released in late June. You will be prompted via email to your Babson email to complete these forms. The email will state “ARMS – New Task Notification”. You will need to log on using your Babson email address and set up an account. Follow the directions for each form that must be completed. Questions regarding NCAA paperwork, contact Kirsten Clark at

The following forms will be completed through ARMS:

  • Personal Information Form
  • NCAA Student-Athlete Statement
  • NCAA Drug Testing Consent Form
  • Hazing Policy Acknowledgement
 Medical Paperwork

The following forms must be completed through the Babson Online Student Health (OSH) Portal. Registration is required to access the OSH Portal. If you have not already created your OSH username and password, you will be prompted to do so when completing these forms. Once you have successfully logged into the OSH Portal, you will find the forms below under 'All New Student-Athletes'. Paper forms may be submitted through the 'Upload Documents' option within the Online Student Health (OSH) Portal. See below for detailed information about the required medical forms. Questions regarding medical paperwork, contact Sharon Yardley at or Rick Burr at

 More Information about required Medical Paperwork

  • Pre-Participation Physical Form

A pre-participation physical is required every two years - generally in your first and third year as a student-athlete. This form is required to be completed by your physician for first-years, transfers and those who did not participate during the 2013–14 season. In addition, this form is required to be completed by your physician for juniors, or any other enrolled upperclassmen that need to get a physical completed. Please upload your completed pre-participation physical through the 'Upload Documents' option within the Online Student Health (OSH) Portal.

Note! Your physical must be completed within the six months prior to your first practice (just a reminder that spring teams have non-traditional seasons in the fall).

  • Under 18 Athletic Consent Form

This form is required for all varsity student-athletes under the age of 18. The form must be signed by your parent or guardian and submitted prior to participation. Please upload your completed under 18 athletic consent form through the ‘Upload Documents’ option within the Online Student Health (OSH) Portal.

The NCAA recommends that all NCAA Division III first-year, transfer, new to the program and returning junior student-athletes have knowledge of their sickle cell trait status. Babson recommends that all student-athletes who are unable to confirm their sickle cell trait status undergo sickle cell trait testing prior to participation in any intercollegiate athlete activity. Sickle cell trait testing in the form of a blood test can be done by the student-athlete’s personal primary care physician or by the Babson Health Center. IN EITHER CASE, THIS EXPENSE IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT-ATHLETE.

• Frequently Asked Questions about Sickle Cell Testing
• Sickle Cell Educational Video 
• NCAA Sickle Cell Website
• Sickle Cell Fact Sheet

Please print the Sickle Cell Testing/Waiver and complete one of the following two statements:

1. That you have been tested for sickle cell trait
2. You waive the testing for sickle cell trait (must read fact sheet and view video) 

Health Insurance Information

 You must enroll in or waive the Babson Health Plan by following these instructions by July 1. If you are waiving the insurance, you must register your own health insurance at this link.

  • go to
  • click on Student Financial Services
  • click on View Bill
  • click on University Health Plans

Copy of Insurance Card

A copy of your insurance card (front and back) is required for all varsity student-athletes. Please upload a copy through the 'Upload Documents' option within the Online Student Health (OSH) Portal.

ADHD/ADD Medication

The NCAA requires any student-athlete who takes ADHD or ADD medication to report all pertinent information to Director of Sports Medicine Rick Burr. Required information includes doctors' diagnostic evaluations (see link to sample below) and doctors' prescription of medication.

• Frequently Asked Questions
• ADHD/ADD Memo from the NCAA
• ADHD/ADD Sample Evaluation

Please have your doctor mail both evaluation and prescription note to:
Director of Sports Medicine
Babson College
Webster Center
231 Forest Street
Wellesley, MA 02457

Helpful Notes

If you are using the school's insurance plan, you need to register online by July 1.
All future communications will be sent to your Babson e-mail account so make sure you activate it.


  • Where can I find the form that I need to give to my doctor? The link to the pre-participation physical form can be downloaded in PDF form from the athletics paperwork main page.
  • My physical with my doctor is scheduled after July 1. What should I do? If your physical is scheduled with your doctor after July 1, you can send in the pre-participation physical form after it is completed. However, you must complete and submit all other paperwork by July 1.
  • Do I need to get the PPE Form completed even if I did one for Health Services? Health Services and Sports Medicine operate separately, so you will need to complete all of the athletics paperwork in addition to fulfilling the requests from Health Services.
  • Do you allow me to fax my paperwork? No, we do not have fax capabilities that can handle activity that demands an abundant amount of paperwork. You must either mail your information or e-mail as a PDF.
  • I don't compete until the winter or spring seasons. Can I complete it later? All student-athletes must have their athletics paperwork submitted by July 1, no matter when they begin practice during the year.
  • How do I know when all of my paperwork has been received by Sports Medicine? Your head coach will be receive updates over the summer and he/she can let you know your status.
  • Who should I contact if I experience any injuries or changes in my medical needs over the summer? Please contact Rick Burr at with any updates in your health status. The athletic trainers are 10-month employees and therefore do not work in the office over the summer months. Rick will forward the information to the appropriate team's athletic trainer.
  • If I am a returning student-athlete, do I need to re-submit my proof of immunization to Health Services? No, this is only required during the first year of enrollment.