Co-Ed Volleyball - Spring 2018


* Staake Gym -> Webster Center
* Wednesday -> 7pm-10pm
* arrive with clean & separate sneakers
* late team = 1 point penalty per minute


Week 1

Wednesday 4/17

7pm: Bumpin Uglies vs Charlotte's Father

745pm: Delt x Chi O vs volley BALLERS



Week 2

Wednesday 4/24

7pm: Bumpin Uglies vs Delt x Chi O

745pm: volley BALLERS vs Charlotte's Father



Week 3

Wednesday 5/1

7pm: Bumpin Uglies vs volley BALLERS

745pm: Delt x Chi O vs Charlotte's Father




Week 4

Wednesday 5/8

7pm: Bumpin Uglies vs Charlotte's Father

745pm: Delt x Chi O vs volley BALLERS




Wednesday 5/15




Coleman Crew:

Shaye Galletta Tyler Bell Alex Tello Ryan Vatcher Ben Aleixo Elisabeth Silverstein Jordy Allard Logan Amaral Henry Leake Caroline Benson Juliana McGuire Will Gallagher



Charlotte's Father

Cooper Johnson Jacob Schlenner  Reilly Fitzsimmons  Michael Vanikiotis Liam Earley  Andrew Correa  Fahme Ibrahim  Kaseen Smith  Ashish Tejpal


Delt x Chi O

Shaan Mahtani Pedro Sarabia Max Vinick Dougie DeLuca Erin Jozwiak Lexi Goihman Ryan Beaton Devin Murphy



volley BALLERS 

Pragathi Maroju Sarah Daume Megan Balesano Rushik Meneni Lucy Figueroa Wills Hetzel Dani Plaha Ben Koppi Sajjan Desai Elena Poma


Bumpin' Uglies

Vivan Tran Tom Cahaly Lilly Rubeck Andrew Simpson Gina Huang Helena Jiang Giulia Monteiro Graham Erbs



Each team should start the game with 6 players, with a minimum of 4 needed to avoid a forfeit. Two members of the opposite sex must be on the court at all times. Each team may have two varsity volleyball players on their roster. A player may play on only one team per sport.

* winner of the OneCard flip will get choice...serve or side
* rally-scoring (every serve is a point) to 21 points
* rotate after each game...loser gets first serve
* first team to 2 games wins
* net height = men's intercollegiate (7' 11 5/8")
* one 1-minute time-out per team
* non-marking sneakers & no jewelry/watches

* a service ball hitting the net = possession change
* serves may note blocked
* after one player serves 5 times in a row - rotate
* upon winning the serve - rotate
* safe/controlled kicks are permitted
* the ball must pass over the net on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd volley
* the net may not be intentionally touched during play
* no part of the foot on or above the centerline
* antennas, ceiling areas & walls are "out-of-play"
* same team hits off ceiling areas are permitted
* free substitutions = same spot or same person
* all other NCAA volleyball rules apply

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated