Co-Ed Softball - Spring 2018

* MacDowell Field -> Upper Fields / turf
* Tuesday & Thursday -> 7pm-10pm
* weather related make-up games happen Wednesday & Friday
* arrive with your own glove
* must use IM bats & balls
* late team = one run penalty


2018 Champs - Jive Turkeys!!!



Week 1

Tuesday 4/9

7pm: Pat Briscoe vs Where My Pitches At

8pm: Dougie's Delinquents vs RawDogzz          

9pm: Blue Balls vs Braintree Youth

Thursday 4/11     

7pm: The Jive Turkeys 9 vs I Love Holman 4

8pm: Braintree Youth 14 vs RawDogzz 5

9pm: Blue Balls 1 vs Dougie's Delinquents 14                   


Week 2

Tuesday 4/16                

7pm: Where My Pitches At 3 vs I Love Holman 13

8pm: Pat Briscoe 10 vs The Jive Turkeys 9        

9pm: Braintree Youth 7 vs Dougie's Delinquents 3

Thursday 4/18               

7pm: Blue Balls 4 vs RawDogzz 18

8pm: Where My Pitches At 17 vs The Jive Turkeys 22

9pm: Pat Briscoe vs I Love Holman


Week 3

Tuesday 4/23              

7pm: The Jive Turkeys vs Blue Balls

8pm: Braintree Youth 12 vs Where My Pitches At 11         

9pm: RawDogzz 15 vs Pat Briscoe 7

Thursday 4/25

7pm: Dougie's Delinquents 11 vs I Love Holman 9

8pm: TBA

9pm: TBA



Tuesday 5/1

7pm: Jive Turkey's vs Dougie's Delinquents

8pm: Braintree Youth vs Rawdogz

Thursday 5/2





Pat Briscoe

Nick Lorello Luke Malloy Joni Grommesh Kathleen Yorio Maggie Rorke Olivia Phelan Alex Tello Mario Fusco Tyler DeGeorge Sajjan Desai Elias Fhagen-Smith Christian Sartori Pat Briscoe John Goodwin


Where My Pitches Out

Justin McQuarrie Olivia Martino Tim Galloway-Burke Lauren Drakeley Katie Doran Jeff DePiero Jess Fernandes Cam Rosa Emma Dineen Pat Carney Bobby Sullivan Mike McLeod Caty Gilman


Dougie's Delinquents

Stevie DeForge Matt Michalke Bryan Botcher Ryan Campbell Ryan Black Christian Faggas Sinjon Goldberg Catherine Collins Liv McCahan Lexi Lenaghan Aidan Murphy Mike Egan



Matt Pompa Josh Beck Brenden Casey Cooper Norton Cameron Schmitt Aiden Murphy Josh Loveridge Jerry Baerwitz Hunter Garlasco Tea Spellacy Vanessa onwe


Blue Balls

Kaity Goodwin Cooper Johnson Liam Early Jacob Schlenner Andrew Correa Caitlin Furlani Reilly Fitzsimmons Kaseen Smith Fahme Ibrahim Victoria Shen Lukasz Kaczynski Mike Vanikiotis Kunaal Gautam Rushik Meneni


Braintree Youth

Steven Heintzelman Alex Crompton Ben Holman Fritz Miller Richard Ventura Christopher Czarnecki Ian Fromhein Austin Mancowski Youcef Ziad Noah Parker Jessica Fernandes Maya King


The Jive Turkeys

Tommy Munichiello Matt Brazel Ryan McDougall Connor Dahlman Patrick Flynn John Corrigan Jack Nizbet Max Torrez Hunter Garlasco Matt Wiesner Caty Gilman Lauren Drakeley


I Love Holman

Eamon  Gigi Zarrella  Olivia ryan Mitch Collins  Liam Hanlon  Colin Cianciolo  Garrett Ramos  Evan gaudreau Quinn greer Rob dunne Ben cawood




* A game lasts approximately one hour (equal times at bat required).
* No new inning will start after 50 minutes of play.
* Extra innings…the batter last at the plate during the pervious inning starts at second.
* A fielded team consists of 8-9 players…2 of which must be of the opposite sex.
* An inning ends when the team batting tabulates three outs or nine bats.
* The batting order does not change & starts each inning where it left off.
* No jewelry & play is stopped once the umpire calls time.
* Each team will be allowed one defensive change per inning.
* Infielders must start behind the base line.

* Bunting is not permitted.
* A two strike foul constitutes an out.
* All players at the game shall remain in the batting order.

* Batting team supplies its own pitcher.
* Hit ball contacts the pitcher...the batter is out.
* Pitching rubber positioned at the midpoint between 1st & 3rd.
* Pivot foot must be in contact with the pitching rubber at release.

* A runner can only advance on a ball hit fare.
* Via injury, the umpire may permit the last batter out to pinch run (female/female).
* You may only run on contact...anyone leading off will automatically be called out.
* Sliding is permitted.
* A runner must make every attempt to avoid contact with the defensive player.

* Thrown bat/helmet/glove in a manner adjudged by the umpire to be a display of temper.
* Using profane language.
* Unnecessary roughness at any base or on the base paths.
* Intentionally pushing or placing hands on an umpire in an aggressive manner.
* Intentionally hitting an opposing player with hands or any piece of equipment.
* Harassment of opposing players by anyone in attendance.

* All players assume their own risk with IM Sports participation.
* Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.