Babson College Athletics Hall of Fame

Beginning in 1991, Babson College has enshrined its top athletes into its prestigious Athletics Hall of Fame. Requiring more than just individual greatness, membership in the Babson Hall of Fame has always signified leadership, dedication to one's sport and to the College, good sportsmanship, and a willingness to sacrifice one's personal glory for the good of the team. While all 61 members in the Hall of Fame have unique stories and experiences from their time at Babson, every one of them shares these outstanding qualities. Each member was committed to his or her teammates, coaches, and to the College, and each one represented Babson with dignity, grace, and pride both in and out of competition.

The 61 members of the Babson College Athletics Hall of Fame (listed alphabetically):

Jon Anderson '75, P'04 '08 '13 '13

Jared Meyers '01

Ron Beran '89

Matt Miller '93

William Birkmayr '48

Frank Millerick

Judy Blinstrub

Fran Murray '85

Joe Capprini '91

Susan O'Donnell '86, M'91

Bruce Chalas '72

Francis Pantuosco '79

Jon Cignetti '98

Mark Paylor '78

Elise Conley Weigold '06

Judy Pearson '85

Jim Creamer '90

Jim Pierrakos '92

George "Joey" Curtis '92

James Powers '76, P'13

David DiGangi '94

Waldo Pratt III '55, M'56

John Dolan '56

Dan Pucci '98

Paul Donato '84, P'13

Jesse Putney '56, M'59, P'90

Julie Doscher Borjeson '88

Richard Renwick '79

Jim Fisher '83, P'14 

Bill Rogers '73

Paul Gelinas '76

Tracy Russell '97 

Jennifer Gottberg '88

Craig Saint-Amour '75

Chris Grant '81

George Salvitti '81

Thomas Groth '84

Anne Sarich Bracy '89

Franz Grueter '76

Thomas Sasso '88

Bob Hartwell

Johann Saurbier '87

Kevin Higa '03

Paul Staake

Michael Hobbs '92

Michele Steinrotter DiMarvo '98

Laurie Hornik Philbin '88

James Stento '80, P'13

Keith Houghton '85

Mark Sullivan '86

Chris Johnson '78

Julie Tienken Comiskey '94, M'01

Shane Kennedy '76

Chris "Doc" Troyanos

Kevin Leip '70, P'93

Rodolphe von Berg '83

William Lunnie '62

Stephen Webber '92, M'05

Brian Lynch '79

David Weisman '98

Michele Merten Diodati '95

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