Figure Skating

The Babson Skating Center's Figure-Skating Programs offer skaters
the opportunity to improve their skills by practicing on our freestyle sessions.


Spring 2015
AM & PM Calendar

Cost & General Rules

*All ice times are 50 minutes and are $15, except where noted.
*Skaters must pay prior to stepping on the ice & may pre-pay for ice.
*No group lessons (i.e. 3 or more skaters with one coach) during Freestyle Sessions.
*All coaches are welcome, but must provide a copy of their current insurance and
complete our Pro Fee Application ->  Pro Fee Application.
*All coaches who skate on a FS session either when taking a lesson from another
coach or skating on their own must pay the $10 walk-on fee.
*Freestyle Sessions are open to all levels of figure skating.
*Hockey Freestyle Sessions (Hoc) are for hockey skaters only (helmets/sticks/pucks).
*No sticks/pucks during general figuare/hockey skating sessions (Open).
*Skaters must wear the provided green belt when skating any program.
*Skaters are to give way to those skating a program or dance pattern to music.
*We ask our skaters and coaches to be courteous to all those around you.
*Please watch body and verbal language when in the arena.
*Times subject to change without notice.

Make sure you read our Rules & Policy's before skating.


We have a wonderful staff of instructors. Any skater who wishes to begin private lessons must contact Sue Sullivan (781-239-6058). A list of instructors will be e-mailed to you so you may contact coaches directly for availability and fees.

ALL skaters who take a Private lesson/Semi Private lesson at Babson must be a member
of one of the following: PSA (, ISI ( or USFS (  
Ice time is $15 per session per skater.

Professional Instructors

Christyne Daly
Anne Marie Filosa
Laura Gayton
Lisa Hillinsgas
Mary Jean Kelley
Alexei Komarov
Nicole Laurin
Billie Jo Mahn
Albie Minkovitz
Rob Rafuse
Marina Semoukhina
Pam Smith
Karen Sullivan
Michell Webber
Lisa Valentine
Stephanie Van Ness